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AM830 now employs a completely new audio streaming system and player utilizing the same facilities used by the biggest stations in the country. The AM830 Superstream Player is Flash-based that runs on just about any computer platform. The audio is now in stereo and of higher quality.

For those listening with Internet Radios, the addresses for our AAC and MP3 streams are:
For AAC (higher quality):
For MP3:

If you have an Apple product, get the ESPN Radio Player App from the App Store and select AM830 KLAA in the app to hear us.


Some sports leagues and organizations hold the exclusive rights to broadcast their teams' games on the internet to the public. Among the leagues and organizations that retain internet streaming rights are:

Major League Baseball

National Football League



In these cases, we only have rights to broadcast these games over the air on AM830 and are legally prohibited from streaming these games and events on our web stream. You can access the event stream through the league or organization's website, such as,, etc. Our stream will switch to backup programming during these games.